This Pinterest tool will help you save so much time!

In this article I’m going to show you how to use Tailwind so you can save time and be more efficient.

With Tailwind you can start scheduling pins like a pro. If you don’t have an account click here  join Tailwind and join for free.

To get the most of this tool they suggest to heave their browser extension that makes things a lot easier for you. They have this extension also for Firefox and Safari.

So after you install the extension lets see how it works:  for example you are browsing an article and see a great picture all you have to do is hover over the image and you will see a little icon there [schedule|  you can click on that to start scheduling.


If the article has more than one image you can click [ tail ] icon on the browser and all the images will show, you can select all those images that you want to pin and click [ Schedule ] after this you will see a pop up page where you can see all the posts as drafts,  edit the description of the pin and chose in which board you want to add it to.


After this step you will need to click add to queue or you can click on the clock icon and choose the date and time you want this pin to get published. 

The queue option that Tailwind developed can be really helpful if you don’t know what is the best time to publish  in your account. Find this on the left side under [ Publisher ] – [ Your Schedule ] 

Back in Tailwind dashboard we will see a page showing the number of pins we just scheduled and if we want to change something before it gets published this is the page you can make all the changes on the right side you can see the calendar grid.