Pinterest Scheduler every marketer should use!

As a marketer we know that Pinterest is growing day to day. Managing all the major social media network is overwhelming even for large teams.

This article is dedicated specially to those people who are determined to grow their Pinterest Business Pages.

One frequent question we get asked by our client regarding Pinterest is :

Can we use Hashtags on Pinterest and there is a simple answer to this.

Usage of hashtag is to find related pins based on hashtags for example if you are looking for recipe you can add # on the search bar on Pinterest or you can click on an hashtag added in pin description.

Add no more than 20 hashtags per Pin. The first 4 added will appear under the Pin in feeds.

We suggest using 4 to 8 maximum hashtags. More may look spammy.

How to schedule pin’s in Pinterest? 

One of our favourite tool out there is Tailwind and why it is so you will know by the list of what they offer for a really affordable price.

  • Scheduling Pins
  • Monitor Pinterest trends related to your brand and industry,
  • Measure your progress over time and prove ROI on Pinterest and Instagram
  • Optimize: Pinterest and Instagram Content Strategy
  • Powerful Enough for Professionals,  Easy Enough for Beginners

We all want to make sure that the tool we are going to use to grow our business will get tested before buying and luckily Tailwind offers a free trial. Here you can see the full prices of Tailwind sneak peak the Bloggers & Small Businesses is only $9.99/month.